Canadian game to educate kids about COVID now features Cree translation

Cree will be the first of many Indigenous languages added to the game

GSI: Germ Science Investigation

A Canadian game built to help teach kids about COVID-19 safety now features a Cree translation to help make the game available to more children.

Canadian safety startup LOCI created GSI: Germ Science Investigation as a free teaching tool for schools. While it was already available in over a dozen languages, the addition of Cree marks the first time GSI has offered an Indigenous language. Further, Global News reports that the Cree translation will be the first of many Indigenous translations added to the game.

“It’s important to preserve our Indigenous languages,” Lorraine George told Global. George is a Cree teacher who translated the game.

“When that can be applied to future digital work, it greatly improves the well-being of our children. Having GSI in Cree is a way for these kids to feel included. It’s fun, and they’re learning, and then they bring that learning home.”

Those interested can learn more about GSI here and about LOCI here.

Source: Global News