Is the Apple Watch worth wearing as a necklace?

Do you prefer looks over functionality?

I finally achieved peak Apple Watch fashion.

A few weeks ago, I attached my Apple Watch to a skull chain from Amazon, and here’s what I learned. But first, if you want to see how I attached the watch to a chain, check out the video below.

After I finally finished the critical build, I actually wore the Apple Watch chain for a few weeks. While it boosted my ego and self-esteem, it also limited the functionality of Apple’s smartwatch.

For example, wearing the Apple Watch around my neck prevented it from working as a functional fitness tracker. It also dangles at an awkward height that makes it bump into every table I sat down at.

Still, the worst part about my creation is that since the Apple Watch isn’t on your wrist, you need to type your passcode every time you want to use it. The Apple Watch is also quite heavy on the end of a chain, so if you’re wearing it inside your shirt you’ll feel it pressing against it if you lean forward.

With all that said, the Apple Watch chain is all about flash, so keeping it visible to show it off is a must.

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