RedFlagDeals user gets 10GB for $35 for the first 12 months from Walmart in B.C.

The user signed up with Fido and also purchased an iPhone 11

A customer in British Columbia got a pretty awesome deal with Fido at a Walmart after swiping$35 for 10GB of monthly data for their first year.

According to the ‘aquarius0294’s’ post on RedFlagDealsthey were able to get a $50 for 10GB plan with $5 off for the first 24 months, plus another $10 off for 12 months. This means that the user is getting $35 for 10GB for the first year, and $45 for 10GB in the second year.

The aquarius0294 also claims that the $45 connection fee was waived, they received one month free through the Fido referral program and free 1,000 long-distance minutes in select countries.

Additionally, the user says that they signed up with an iPhone 11 for $31 per month ($744 in two years) that they have to pay on top of the plan, plus a $250 gift card and $100 bill credit.

This seems like a pretty sweet deal, although the handset the user purchased is from 2019. Either way, $35 for 10GB and $45 for the second year for 10GB of data is a great offer.

Source: RedFlagDeals