Apple’s iPads continue to lead worldwide tablet market in Q1 2021

Samsung came in second place with eight million units shipped

iPad Air (2020)

Apple continued to dominate the tablet market in Q1 2021, according to new data from analytics firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

Tablet shipments increased by 55.2 percent year-over-year with 39.9 million units shipped. IDC notes that this type of growth hasn’t been seen since Q3 2013 when the tablet market grew by 56.9 percent.

“While vaccine rollouts and businesses returning to offices may slow down the work-from-home trend, we are still far from returning to ‘normal’ working conditions and hence the demand for tablets, especially detachables, is expected to continue for a while,” said Anuroopa Nataraj, a research analyst at IDC in a statement.

Apple had a 31.7 percent market share in Q1 2021 with 12.7 million units shipped. The tech giant saw a 64.3 percent increase in shipments.

Samsung came in second place with 20 percent of the market share and eight million units shipped. The company saw a 60.8 percent increase in shipments.

Lenovo rounded out the top three with 9.4 percent of the market share and 3.8 million units shipped. Interestingly, the company saw 138.1 percent year-over-year growth.

Amazon came in second place with 3.5 million units shipped and 8.7 percent of the market share. Amazon saw the most significant growth with shipments increasing 143 percent year-over-year growth.

Source: IDC