Another Amazon warehouse in Peel Region, Ontario ordered to partially close

This is the third Amazon warehouse ordered to partially close in the region due to COVID-19 cases


Another Amazon warehouse in Peel Region in Ontario has been partially closed to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Amazon fulfillment centre located at 7995 Winston Churchill Boulevard in Brampton has been ordered to partially close. A partial closure can apply to a mass dismissal of a shift or work area, according to Peel’s website.

Peel Region is allowed to order businesses with five or more reported cases of COVID-19 to close either fully or partially. The new rules came into effect on April 23rd and have led to sixteen workplaces being ordered to close.

Last week, two other Amazon locations in Peel were ordered to partially close. The warehouses are located at 8050 Heritage Road in Brampton and 12724 Coleraine Drive in Bolton.

The region says closures will allow Peel Health to stop further spread of COVID-19 between employees while cases in workplaces are investigated.

Source: Peel Region