Tesla Solar installations to include a Powerwall by default in the future

This makes it easier for the company to install Solar Roof systems

Elon Musk recently revealed some new information about the Powerwall battery and how Tesla plans to scale its solar installation business.

In a call to investors after the company’s q1 2021 earnings report, Musk said that all solar products, including the Solar Roof, will be bundled with a Powerwall battery going forward.

This simply makes it easier for Tesla to install its system since all the power can go directly into the Powerwall battery, making it easier for Tesla to wire up the solar panels since they won’t need to interface with the main circuit breaker of a house, reports Electrek

This makes the setup of each house’s solar operations the same instead of each one being its own unique wiring challenge.

On top of this revelation, Musk also said that all Powerwalls that have been built since November of 2020 actually have a larger capacity than it says on the Tesla website.  It’s expected that Tesla will unlock the extra capacity via a software update at some point. However, it might charge users for the extra space as well.

This is something that Tesla does with some of its cars. For instance, the secret base-level Model 3 in Canada has a downgraded battery via software similar to this. Users can then pay later to unlock the rest of it to expand their range.

It’s still unclear when Tesla will actually release the new storage or bring Solar Roof to Canada. That said, if you want to learn more about the futuristic solar panels, check out our explainer. 

Source: Electrek