Rogers offering $45/25GB win-back plan to some former customers

Carriers often offer deals like this in an effort to win-back former customers

To win back my heart after two years apart, Rogers called me to offer a 4G data plan that includes 25GB of data for only $45 per month.

As expected, this plan doesn’t exist on Rogers’ website — the cheapest one I can find is 25GB for $85 per month.

I left the carrier two years ago when I switched to a Koodo BYOD plan. All carriers typically offer former customers some sort of deal in an effort win their business back, but as always, your mileage may vary.

For instance, last summer Bell offered the same $45/25GB deal that Rogers contacted me about. This offer also isn’t entirely new — there are posts about it on RedFlagDeals dating back to December 2020.

It’s worth noting that this Rogers plan comes with the caveat that the data is only LTE speeds. If I want 5G, that tacks another $15 per month on top of the current cost.