Toyota plans to bring mass market electric to North America

It's unclear if this vehicle will be a sedan or an SUV

Toyota is finally bringing a fully formed electric vehicle (EV) to North America, with intentions to sell it to the mass market.

So far, there are no details regarding what type of vehicle it will be or how much it might cost, according to The VergeThe only information known so far is that it will be built on a flexible battery pack platform like other major automakers.

This design appeals to car manufacturers since it allows them to use several of the same parts and the battery packs for more than one vehicle. GM calls this tech its Ultium Battery, and Volkswagen calls it the MEB platform. 

This news is critical for Toyota because the manufacturer has resisted entering the EV market for a few years and instead focused on its Prius Hybrid. Hopefully, this new mystery vehicle will make waves in the auto industry and encourage the company to focus more on EVs.

It did sell an electric version of the Rav4, but that seemed like more of a test for the company than a fully formed EV.

A report from December 2020 stated that by 2025 Toyota hopes to release around 60 new electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids, Hydrogen-powered cars and EVs.

The Verge’s report mentions that this car will release in the U.S. specifically. MobileSyrup has reached out to Toyota for more information.

Source: The Verge