Apple reportedly working on fix for M1 Mac Bluetooth connectivity issues

It’s currently unknown when a fix may be coming

M1 MacBook Air

Apple is reportedly working on a fix for the Bluetooth connectivity issues that some M1 Mac users have been experiencing.

When the new models launched back in November 2020, numerous users began reporting several Bluetooth issues with the devices. The problems ranged from intermittent disconnections to fully non-functional connections.

It was unknown whether these issues were due to a software issue or something more, as Apple has yet to publically comment on the problems.

The 8-Bit has reported that Ian Bogost, a writer for The Atlantic, who encountered similar problems with his new device has tweeted that the tech giant told him “a fix is in progress and forthcoming just about anytime.”

It’s worth noting that the issues also reportedly impact third-party accessories such as Bluetooth keyboards and headphones. In MobileSyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rourke’s in-depth look at Apple’s new M1 devices, he details encountering Bluetooth issues with his Logitech mouse and keyboard.

This latest development is welcome news for those who are encountering problems. Although it’s unknown when a fix may be coming, it’s reassuring to know that Apple’s working on a solution.

Source: @ibogost, The 8-Bit