Some M1 Mac mini users reporting Bluetooth connectivity issues

Apple has not yet acknowledged the issue or released a fix unfortunately

Mac mini

Some M1 Mac mini users are reportedly experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues, and it’s unclear what’s causing them.

A number of users on Reddit have reported that when they try to use Bluetooth devices, they will either lose connection or it will become intermittent. Users have also said that they can’t even get a reliable Bluetooth connection with Apple’s own AirPods.

Further, other users have reported that they keep losing connection to their Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, regardless of the device’s manufacturer.

YouTuber Patrick Tomasso took to Twitter to discuss the issue and also posted a video displaying the problems he’s encountering.

“I’m going crazy trying to figure out the bluetooth issues with this machine. I thought maybe a few of us had an isolated issue but forums/reddit are popping up now all over,” Tomasso tweeted.

As of now, it is currently unknown what’s causing these problems, but some have speculated that it’s related to the housing of the Mac mini.

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet acknowledged the issue or released a fix, so there currently aren’t any workarounds, other than using a third-party Bluetooth receiver.

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Source: Reddit, iMore