‘Plague Inc’ adds cure mode where the player tries to stop a pandemic

Do anything you can to stop the spread of a global pandemic

Plague Inc., a game that focuses on the spreading diseases, just got a new mode today that lets users try to stop a pandemic. Plague Inc.’s new Cure mode lets users mix of contact racing, lockdown enforcement, vaccine research, economic assistance and other measures in an attempt to end a global pandemic.

Cure mode flips the strategy of the original game. The new cure version of the game was reportedly designed with the help of global experts.

You’ll be able to dispatch researchers to hotspots that show up on the map as red spots that represent the disease.

The player will also fight the sickness by alerting the government and sending out searchers to make policies, lockdowns, travel bands and eviction relief. You’ll have to do all of this while financing health organizations and making a vaccine.

This was a long-promised cure mode that the company announced back in March. 

You can download Plague Inc on iOS and Android.

Via: Kotaku