Microsoft’s new Xbox UI is now available on the Xbox One

The Xbox Series X and Series S are getting the same interface refresh


Despite several changes over the last few years, the Xbox One’s user-interface has never been that great.

Though it’s definitely improved slightly, especially if you’re using an Xbox One X, it’s still pretty laggy and can be frustratingly slow to navigate. Hopefully, that will all change now that the Xbox Series X’s and Series’ dashboard is available on Microsoft’s current-generation console.

Microsoft first revealed that its new Xbox UI would be coming to its mobile apps, PC and console back in August.

The new dashboard isn’t all that different from the previous one, though it features more rounded corners and sleeker icons. You can also turn off the sometimes annoying autoplay videos, there’s a new, easier to access notification inbox and Profile Themes are now available to all users accounts.

I haven’t tested out the new dashboard on a current-gen Xbox yet, but I can confirm that it’s much easier to navigate and far smoother on the Xbox Series X and Series S. Of course, the performance boost could come from the fact that the Series X is far more powerful than the current-gen Xbox.

The new Xbox mobile app is also way easier to navigate than its predecessor and allows users to share gameplay clips directly from the app. For more on the Xbox Series X and its new Android and iOS app, check out my latest preview story focused on the console.

Source: Microsoft