Apple stealthily releases news Beats Flex earbuds

These share a lot of features with AirPods but only cost $70

To replace its BeatsX neckbuds, Apple has released a new version of the earbuds called Beats Flex.

The headphones look similar to the older model but sport a 12-hour battery life with a moderate form of fast charging. Apple says that people can expect to add 1.5 hours of battery in 10 minutes.

Just like many other Apple-branded headphones, the Beats Flex uses a W1 chip so they connect to iPhones quickly without having to mess around in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

These headphones can also use Audio sharing, which means that an iPhone can play music on two pairs of supported headphones at a time. So far, only some Beats models and AirPods support the feature.

One of the new features makes the headphones pause whatever you’re listing to when you connect them into a necklace. This feature debuted on the OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones a few years ago so it’s nice to see Apple adopt the awesome feature.

Another huge plus is that this new model uses a USB-C port to charge instead of Apple’s Lightning port.

If you’re interested in the headphones, you can get them for $70 CAD from Apple. 

Source: Apple