Netflix testing new feature to let users turn off ‘still watching?’ notification

The streaming giant is testing the feature in a few countries

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets viewers turn off the annoying “Are you still watching?” pop-up notification.

The notification appears when you’ve watched two episodes of a TV show in a row without pausing or manually clicking the next episode. Netflix has noted that this feature is meant to stop unnecessary internet data if you’re not actually still viewing content.

However, this feature can get kind of annoying if you’re forced to grab your remote and click the “continue watching” button, or if you just don’t want to be interrupted while binge-watching a TV show.

It now appears that Netflix is testing a new option in some countries where you can click a “play without asking again” button when you receive the notification pop-up. A spokesperson from Netflix told The Verge that the feature is still in the testing mode.

Clicking this button will let you stream hours of TV shows without being interrupted. Although the “Are you still watching?” notification is good for people who tend to fall asleep while watching Netflix, this new feature will be a great addition for people who want the choice to binge watch without interruptions.

Since Netflix is still in the testing phase of the feature, it’s unknown when or if it plans to roll out the feature more widely.

Source: The Verge