Volkswagen finally launches ID.4 electric crossover

Sadly, it still seems like it will be a few years before it comes to Canada

Volkswagen has finally shared all the specs and the design of its new electric crossover, the ID.4.

The car features the same compact SV design that the automaker has been teasing for years at this point and it boasts an impressive 520km of range.

Volkswagen even says that the ID.4 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in eight and a half seconds and delivers a top speed of 160 km/h. These aren’t incredible stats, but combined with the low centre of gravity most EVs have, it should be very fun to drive.

The interior of the car is something that VW has done an impressive job with. The company is using modern colours and textures to bring the cockpit of the car into the future. It doesn’t look as minimal as a Tesla, but instead offers a nice mix of classic car controls and new-age digital controls.

The automaker has also packaged in its IQ.Drive driver assistance technology which includes parking and lane assists, plus much more. VW hasn’t gone too deep on what self-driving hardware the ID.4 is installed with, but it does mention that it will get over-the-air updates over time to improve it.

The car also features quick charging at DC-charging stations that support 125kw charging speeds. The company says that the ID.4 can get up to 320km of range on a single 30-minute charge.

This is a global car, but it doesn’t seem that VW is going to bring it to Canada right away. Instead, the vehicle is launching in Europe, then heading to China and the U.S. at some point after that before finally turning into a truly global car.

Source: Volkswagen