GM files E-Ray trademark suggesting electric Corvette in the future

Here's hoping it brings back some of the design elements from the 70s

GM has been pushing heavily into the electric vehicle space, but the latest trademark filing suggests it’s working on its most exciting EV yet: an electric Corvette.

The trademark is for a vehicle called the ‘E-Ray,’ which seems to be a play on the old school Corvette Stingray models.

The automotive giant has recently announced that it’s planning to build 12 electric vehicles over the next few years, but it didn’t mention any new-age Corvettes then.

It would be exciting for GM to announce an electric Corvette, especially if it retains some of the classic lines and shaping of the older Stingrays from the 70s.

Beyond the trademark filing, GM hasn’t shared any official information regarding the car, so until then, all we have to look forward to is the electric Hummer.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Electrek