Finally, you can turn your boring Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda

Otterbox released a Baby Yoda stand for the Echo Dot that's 'engineered for optimal audio output'

If you’re a fan of both Star Wars and Amazon Alexa, well, today is your lucky day.

A new accessory from Otterbox turns the third-gen Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker into The Child from The Mandalorian, an excellent Star Wars series available on Disney+.

The Amazon listing for the Echo case lists its features, like how its durable materials can “withstand daily use.” And there’s the “precision-fit, non-slip base engineered for optimal audio output.” But really, what does any of that matter? It makes your boring smart speaker into Baby Yoda.

The Child stand is available for pre-order now and will release on August 20th. It costs $34.95 in Canada.

You can place your pre-order here.

Otterbox typically makes cases for smartphones, but it appears the company has branched out recently. Along with the most excellent Baby Yoda stand, Otterbox launched stackable wireless chargers and a case with built-in PopSockets called ‘PopGrips.’

Source: Amazon Via: The Verge