Rogers has almost every Samsung phone on sale right now

The Galaxy S20 series is still quite expensive

If you’re looking for a new phone and you’re a Samsung fan, then Rogers has a whole host of deals for you.

All of the latest Galaxy S20 handsets are on sale, but be warry because these deals involve the carrier’s ‘Upfront Edge’ payment plan, which hinges on you returning the phone in two years or paying a fee at the end of your contract to keep your device.

For example, you can grab a Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for $50.41 CAD per month with Upfront Edge, or $69.99 with regular device financing. Both of these prices are discounts, but be warned at the lower price you don’t technically own your phone at the end of your contract.

Other devices such as the A-series or the S10-series to me are much better deals. The monthly price you’ll pay for these phones is listed below. Notably, all of these handsets are $0 down.

  • Galaxy A71 -$20 per month
  • Galaxy A51 – $14 per month
  • Galaxy S10 – $30 per month
  • Galaxy S10+ – $40 per month
  • Galaxy Note 10 + – $32.91 per month

You can check out all of the sales on the Rogers website.

Source: Rogers