Google is testing an easier display interface designed for seniors

Residents of select Washington state retirement communities are testing it out

Google is looking to make it an easier experience for less tech-savvy people to set up a recently unboxed Google Nest product.

The search engine company is testing the new process in some retirement communities in the state of Washington. In addition, Google is sending close to 1,000 Nest Hub Max to residents in the state’s seven Merrill Gardens communities.

To help folks connect to their loved ones through easier video calls, Google is preloading shortlists of contacts.

The provided Nest Hub Max will feature ‘What can you do?’ cards that let users easily show weather reports, set alarms and play relaxing sounds.

Residents’ privacy will be preserved while testing this new experience. The devices are running through a ‘signed-out’ mode, which means no audio is stored. In addition. all activity will remain anonymous through the Nest’s fleet management system.

Google is looking to encourage adoption with the new interface card feature. The new experience is limited to Merrill Gardens residents for the time being.

In an Engadget interview, a Google spokesperson says the experience will eventually roll out to other Google Nest products but won’t be exactly the same.

Source: Google Via: Engadget