Canadians’ trust in telecom sector increases amid COVID-19 pandemic: survey

The sector saw a 19 point jump in trust from 52 percent to 71 percent when comparing January to May

Canadians’ trust in the telecommunications sector has increased amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report from global communications firm Edelman.

The report examines the change in Canadians’ trust towards sectors in the country from January to May. It outlines that the telecommunications sector saw a 19 point jump in trust among Canadians, from 52 percent to 71 percent.

This jump in trust could be due to the measures that several carriers have taken amid the pandemic to help customers. For instance, many carriers have waived internet data caps and roaming charges to facilitate their customers’ needs. Some carriers say they are also offering flexible payments options to their customers.

Several carriers have also launched community partnerships to donate phones and other services to healthcare workers and vulnerable populations across the country.

Interestingly, the report also notes a seven point jump in trust for the technology sector, from 68 percent to 75 percent in terms of January and May.

Edelman compiled this report by surveying 1,200 Canadians 18 and older. The survey took the general population, informed public and mass population into account.

About 100 respondents were part of the “informed public,” which means they had to be college-educated, be between the ages of 25-64, report significant media consumption in public policy and business news, and be in the top 25 percent of household income per age group. The rest of the respondents made up the “mass population,” which does not include the informed public.

The margin of error for the general population is plus or 2.8 percent, plus or minus 9.8 percent for the informed public and plus or minus 2.9 percent to 3.7 percent for the mass population.

Source: Edelman