Trudeau announces $240 million investment in virtual healthcare

The funding will go towards new and existing platforms for mental health and primary care

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the government is investing $240 million CAD to bring healthcare online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his daily briefing on May 3rd, Trudeau noted that the government is expanding existing tools and creating new virtual platforms for mental health and primary care.

He stated that the online platform for mental health will include strategies to manage stress and also allow people to get support from a professional. Further, Canadians who are in marginalized communities and who require specialized tools will be able to get specific help.

The $240 million investment will also include funding for virtual primacy care. Trudeau said this is important for times when you don’t necessarily need to see a doctor in person.

“By helping doctors run appointments online, you can stay safe at home while getting care, and our hospitals can stay focused on those who need it most,” Trudeau said.

He stated that since Canadians are practicing physical distancing, now is the perfect time to invest in online healthcare.

“If we can use apps to order dinner, video chats to stay in touch with family, we can use new technology to keep each other healthy.”