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Waze brings ‘lane guidance’ functionality to beta testers

The GPS app has finally got the lane guidance feature

Waze has finally added a much-needed feature, but it’s unfortunately only available for beta testers. This functionality is called ‘lane guidance’ and it tells users which lane they should be in for upcoming turns or exits.

Reportedly, Waze users have been requesting this feature for years. I’ve never used Waze before, but Google Maps has had this functionality, and I personally can’t live without it. Unfortunately, Waze has only brought it to its beta users.

Now, Waze will display the lanes on your path and will highlight the one you should take so that you can safely make your turn. Android Police points out that this might look different when it finally rolls out.

It’s unclear when Google will bring lane guidance to the live app.

Source: GeekTime, Reportedly