Google Assistant gaining native router and mesh network controls

Google is making it easier to control your router with voice controls

Google has updated its digital assistant to offer more robust router and mesh network controls.

Some routers have already made this possible, but you would have to say something like, “Hey Google, ask TP-Link to turn off the router.” With the new integrations, once you add the router to your Google Home app, you can just say, “Ok Google, turn off the router.”

Now that Google has rolled out the ability for Assistant to control routers and mesh networks, manufacturers should natively be able to update their existing units and produce new models that can have this functionality.

Other native integrations will allow users to initiate a guest network, parental controls and more.

What’s interesting here is that Google is building in both regular router controls and mesh network controls so it should make the process fairly streamlined for anyone with a mesh network once companies start adopting it.

There isn’t that much more to tell, but if you’re looking for a rundown of how to use the Google Home app, look no further. 

Source: Google Assistant Developers Via: Android Police