Google rolls out new sharing UI for Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms

Making it easier to share links

Google has updated its Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets and Slides apps with a new sharing UI.

According to the company, this redesign “will make it easier to share files only with specific people without expanding access beyond what’s needed.”

To start, a new task-focused interface has been added that visually separates sharing with people and groups from link sharing. Further, this new sharing dialog highlights such essential tasks as sharing a file, viewing file access or changing permissions.

Meanwhile, a new quick ‘copy link’ button has been added to make it easier to get the link without changing link permissions.

Finally, the new interface more clearly shows who has access to an item, allowing you to easily change permissions accordingly.

Google says the redesign is starting to roll out today, but full availability is expected to take place “over the next month.” The update will come to G Suite and Drive Enterprise customers, as well as personal Google accounts.

Source: Google