Wheels for Apple’s Mac Pro costs over $200 more than the new iPhone SE

Apple has started selling individual sets of Mac Pro feet and wheels for those who bought the computer in one configuration and have decided they’d like the other — the only problem is they’re crazy expensive.

We all know how much the Mac Pro and the accompanying Pro Display XDR cost — $7,500 CAD and $6,300 respectively — but at least there’s high-end tech and excellent engineering those products.

For instance, the stainless steel feet cost $369 CAD in Canada, and these should arguably be bundled in with every Mac Pro. The 4-pack of wheels is also priced at an ultra-premium $869.

To put the cost in perspective, Apple’s brand new iPhone SE only costs $600 in Canada, making it actually $269 cheaper than the wheelset.

If for some reason you find yourself needing either of these parts, you can find them on Apple’s website under the ‘Mac components’ sub-section of ‘Mac Accessories.’

Source: Apple