Teenage Engineering offers free 3D printable files to mod its speaker line

Teenage Engineering Frevkens speaker mods

If you picked up a 3D printer and have absolutely no idea what to do with it, Teenage Engineering has a solution.

The company released a whole bunch of ‘hacks’ for its Ikea Frevkens line of speakers, which launched earlier this year. These hacks are just free 3D printing files that let customers create custom accessories for the modular Frevkens speakers.

Accessories include practical additions like handles, wheels, cupholders and stands. However, there are more fun additions that let you turn your Frevkens into a rooster or cannon as well.

The speakers range in price and include a standard option for $99, a speaker and subwoofer combo for $199 and a portable speaker for $24.99. Additionally, customers can get Frevkens LED sound-activated lights and spotlights to pair with the speakers.

Ikea sells accessories for the Frevkens lights as well for $24.99 but it looks like customers could just print their own with the files provided by Teenage Engineering.

Ultimately, it seems Teenage Engineering’s hacks are a pretty novel idea that work great with the modular nature of its speakers. There are 13 hacks in all, which users can install without glue. Customers may need some screws or a rubber mallet to attach the hacks, however.

Those interested can browse all the hacks on Teenage Engineering’s website. If you’d like to buy some of the Frevkens speakers, you can find them at Ikea.

Source: The Verge