Toronto likely to limit e-scooter parking to specific spots downtown

Toronto will rule over its scooter empire with an iron fist

Toronto is gearing up to reveal its e-scooter plans in a few months to go along with the Ontario Government’s five-year pilot project, but an early meeting with the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee has revealed some critical aspects of Toronto’s plan.

The central aspect that’s been revealed is that the city is going to make electric scooter share users park at existing bike-sharing stations and other designated zones downtown, reports the Toronto Star. Many other cities allow users to ride their scooters anywhere in the city and park them on the sidewalk when they’re done.

Nothing is set in stone so far, but the head of the project, Janet Lo, says that the bike share/designated zone idea is the preferred method, according to the Star’s reporting.

It’s worth noting that these designated zones would be repurposed parking spots to keep the scooters off of the sidewalks. There are also currently 465 bike share stations, although that number is growing.

Another tidbit of news that came out of the meeting is that the city is thinking about making the Toronto Parking Authority the agency that oversees all micro-mobility in the city. That includes electric scooters and e-bikes.

Source: Toronto Star