Google begins rolling out game achievements to Stadia

Since launch, Stadia has only been tracking achievement progress in the background

Google Stadia game achievements

Google Stadia users can now see their game achievements in a Chrome browser and on TV through Chromecast Ultra.

Since launch, the game streaming service has been tracking achievement progress in the background, but users haven’t had a way to actually see this themselves.

To view your achievements, click on the friends list icon and then your avatar. A new ‘Achievements’ button under ‘Settings’ will be displayed here. Note that in some cases, the description for achievements will be hidden to protect you from potential game spoilers.

Like Xbox Achievements or PlayStation Trophies, Stadia’s achievement system rewards players for completing certain in-game objectives, like completing the story or defeating ‘x’ amount of enemies. For some people, these achievements make for an entertaining metagame and allow them to have a friendly competition with other players.

Achievements are not yet available in the Stadia app on Android and iOS. In both versions of the app, Google has left a message saying achievements are “coming soon” to mobile.

Via: 9t05Google