P.E.I. adding six new EV chargers across the province

This is part of the province's Sustainable Action Plan

The province of P.E.I. is pushing hard to build six new electric vehicle charging stations across the island to help it’s residents feel more confident in buying EVs.

This is one of the first steps of the province’s Sustainable Action Plan that it launched on November 6th.

According to province officials who spoke with CBC News, some chargers are already under construction and should be done in early 2o20. These locations are Borden, Charlottetown, O’Leary Summerside, Wood Islands and Souris.

Beyond the new chargers, the province is also working to increase ridership on its transit systems, pushing electric vehicle sales and active forms of transportation like biking and scootering.

To help increase EV adoption on the island, the action plan also plans to offer people some form of a rebate, but there’s no word on when that will roll out.

In Canada, only Quebec and B.C. offer EV rebates on a provincial level. The federal government provides a $5,000 buying incentive, but it only applies to specific car models that cost less than $45,000. The Quebec rebate can be up to $8,000, and the B.C. incentive ranges up to $3,000.

Source: CBC News, P.E.I Sustainable Action Plan