Amazon’s Echo Show 8 is the perfect size

This is Amazon making sure you have more smart display size options

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 is the perfect size for someone who wants to place a smart display in a common space in their home.

Amazon has released two smart display sizes before, the tiny Echo Show 5 and the large Echo Show 10. Now, there’s a model that sits between these two, and I think it’s a perfect size.

I find the Show 10 is too big for most spaces and the Show 5 is too small to work outside of the bedroom.

The Show 8, on the other hand, hits the size sweet spot, making it perfect for common areas in your home.

What sets this apart

The eight-inch smart display is very similar to the Show 5 in terms of looks and hardware, but there are a few differences.

Unlike the Echo Show 5, the Show 8 has no shortcomings when it comes to sound quality. It’s packing a pair of two-inch speakers that push out 10-watts of sound each. In my time with the device, it could get loud and had no problem filling my apartment with music.

The screen is also very sharp compared to the Show 5. This time Amazon built-in a 1280 x 800 resolution display and it looks excellent.

Since the screen is larger, it’s a better digital picture frame too. You can load in your own photos with the Amazon Photos app, or use one of the company’s pre-set wallpaper packs. I’m a big fan of the ‘Art’ slideshow.

To my touch, the Show 8 feels more responsive than the sometimes laggy Show 5, which is a much-needed improvement.

This also makes the smart speaker a better smart home controller compared to the 5. A simple swipe in from the right opens up a control panel where you can start playing music, communicate with other Echos and control smart home devices.

Overall there isn’t anything wrong with this device, but it just feels like a bigger, louder and faster Echo Show 5, which is a good thing.

For many people, I can see this being their main Alexa interface because it’s so good and doesn’t have many drawbacks.

If you’re interested in the Show 8, I’d recommend you read our Show 5 review to get a better sense of how the smart displays work, but overall I’d say get a Show 5 if you want it in a bedroom or sitting on an office desk. If you want the device in your kitchen or living room, the Show 8 is likely a better bet.

You can buy the Echo Show 8 regularly from Amazon for $169.99. Currently, it’s on sale for $89.