WhatsApp vulnerability, now fixed, can make group chats unusable

Make sure you're updating your apps so that bugs get fixed

WhatsApp icon on phone

A research group has found another security flaw in WhatsApp where a malicious user could crash the apps of all members of a group chat.

Check Point Research said that a user could essentially edit the message parameters by using the WhatsApp web interface along with a browser debugging tool. The user can then create an “unstoppable crash-loop for all group chat members,” which Engadget noted can only be fixed if you uninstall and reinstall the app.

The vulnerability doesn’t allow members to return back into the group and group chat history will get deleted.

It is worth noting that the research group submitted the issue with WhatsApp in August and the messaging service, owned by Facebook, issued a patch in September with version 2.19.58 that fixed the issue. So if you have not updated your Whatsapp, you may want to do so.

Check Point previously discovered another vulnerability in WhatsApp in which a hacker could manipulate message in group chats making it seem as if someone said something when they didn’t.

In that instance, the user performed a similar task by changing and interfering with the parameters that WhatsApp web uses.

Source: Engadget