Google Maps to help you pick safe streets to walk on at night

So far this feature is only appearing in the app's code

It appears that Google is working on a new layer overlay to add to its mapping app that will show users what street is well lit at night.

The feature isn’t rolling out yet, but it code that suggests it’s coming has been found in the Android Maps app by XDA Developers.

Specifically, there are lines that mention ‘LAYER_SAFETY”>Lighting.’ Another line mentions: “Yellow lines show streets with good lighting.”

A few of the other strings of code claim that streets with no lighting or poor lighting will also be coloured.

Finally, the publication unearthed a few more lines of code that state the feature won’t be available in all regions and at all zoom levels within the app.

Overall, this is a much-needed feature that should help people feel more safe when they’re walking home at night in cities.

Source: XDA Developers