Nine percent of car sales in British Columbia are electric vehicles

The westernmost province is leading Canada in EV sales

British Columbia has more than doubled the number of electric vehicles sold in the province since last year.

A new report from the Vancouver Sun states that 30,000 electric vehicles are now roaming the streets of B.C. This statistic specifically relates to light-duty vehicles and does not include heavy machinery.

This 9 percent segment of sales is more than double the four percent from 2018, and higher than Quebec’s seven percent saturation.

The number also only consists of 65 percent full battery electric vehicles, with the remainder being made up of plug-in hybrid cars. Of this 65 percent, 47 percent are Tesla cars.

Both Quebec and B.C. have the highest rates of new electric vehicle sales in Canada. This is likely because both provinces offer rebates to help subsidize the cost of electric cars.

Source: Vancouver Sun