Waze launches relaxing navigation voice to help you de-stress

This time of year, driving can be especially stressful. Weather, holiday shopping and travelling to visit family can make roads busy, stressful and dangerous. In hopes of minimizing stress, Waze is rolling out a new, relaxing voice.

In partnership with Lincoln, the new turn-by-turn navigation voice “doubles as a calm and mindfulness guide,” according to Waze.

The Google-owned navigation app described the voice as “warm, smooth and easy-going.” Plus, voice prompts feature refreshed phrasing that should encourage relaxation. For example, users will hear phrases like “Ready, set, relax and start driving” and “Heavy traffic reported ahead. Deep breaths!”

From now until December 29th, users can activate the new voice by heading to Settings in the Waze app. Under the Voice Directions section, select the ‘Lincoln Canada’ voice.

You can download Waze for free on iOS and Android if you don’t already have it.