Facebook now lets you customize your navigation bar, hide notification dots

The update has rolled out to most iOS users while Android users will be getting it soon

Facebook Android app

Facebook has confirmed that it is rolling out a feature called ‘Shortcut Bar Settings,’ which will allow users to customize the app’s navigation bar.

The feature lets users remove certain tabs from the navigation bar, such as Marketplace, Watch, Events, Groups, Friend Requests, News, and Gaming. You also have the option to simply silence the notification dots.

The social media giant confirmed that the new feature has rolled out to most iOS users and that Android users will be getting it in the upcoming weeks.

This new feature clears up your homepage and will be useful for Facebook users who don’t want a page that’s cluttered with distractions.

To get to the Shortcut Bar Settings options, all you have to do is tap and hold one of the shortcuts in your navigation bar. A menu will pop up and allow you to get rid of the tab altogether or simply disable the red notifications.

Facebook confirmed that it introduced the new feature to allow people to connect with the things they like and manage the notifications they receive.

Source: TechCrunch