Google announces new Nest Wifi with built-in Assistant functionality

A mesh router with built-in Google Assistant functionality

At Google’s Pixel 4 hardware event in New York, the Mountain View, California-based tech giant announced a new mesh Wi-Fi router, the Nest Wifi.

The Nest Wifi is backwards compatible with Google Wifi, features two ethernet ports and includes Thread and Bluetooth functionality, allowing it to work as a smart home hub. The mesh Wi-Fi system is also larger than its predecessor and features a rounded design.

Further, the Nest Wifi sports built-in Assistant functionality and speakers. This allows the mesh Wi-Fi system’s ‘Points’ to work very similarly to Google’s Home Mini or Nest Mini speaker. In fact, the Nest Wifi features the same speaker as the new Nest Mini. This functionality is only included in the Nest Wifi’s Points and not the router.

The new mesh Wi-Fi router also includes a feature that prioritizes Stadia, Google’s upcoming video game streaming service. Google says that the new Nest Wifi features 25 percent greater coverage in total, and supports internet speeds up to 2.2Gbps. According to Google, one Nest Wifi router is capable of covering 2200 sq. ft., with a router and a point covering 3,800 sq. ft. and a three-pack covering a massive 5,400 sq. ft. Regarding pricing, a Nest Wifi one-pack costs $299 CAD, with a two-pack costing $349 and a three-pack is priced at $459.

Pre-orders for the Nest Wifi are available on October 15th with a launch date set for early November.