It looks like new Tesla Superchargers are finally being built in Saskatchewan

Where the first charger will pop up is anybody's guess

TESLA supercharger

Multiple reports are coming out that Tesla is building new Superchargers across Saskatchewan, including the cities of Whitewood and Davidson.

Elon Musk promised Canadians that a Supercharger station was coming to Saskatchewan back at the Model Y launch in March. This station would make it easier for drivers to travel across Canada.

So far, it’s been confirmed that stations are coming to — Moosomin, Regina, Moose Jaw, Chaplin, Swift Current, Maple Creek and Wolsely, according to Tesla’s map, but the major question is when.

Near the end of March, the town of Moosomin voted to fund a Tesla Supercharger, so we do know that one is in the works, although chatter on a Tesla Owners Club forum suggests that Tesla the Supercharger isn’t going to be completed this year.

Another user of the Owners Club forums showed off a video of a what they think is Tesla building a Supercharger in Moose Jaw. It’s likely that it will be the first charger standing in Saskatchewan.

The next hint came from the Twitter account of the Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association, which mentioned that a Supercharger would be in Davidson, Saskatchewan. This was then confirmed by a newspaper clipping from a Davidson paper on July 22nd. The charger will be at the co-op gas station.

Finally, the last known Supercharger to grace the prairie province soon will be in Whitewood. It appears that this charger is already under construction and some Tesla owners are theorizing that since Whitewood and Moosomin are so close, Tesla is scrapping the Moosomin charger in favour of the one in Whitewood.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Tesla for more information.

Source: Tesla Owners Club, Saskatchewan Electric vehicle association.