Privacy Commissioner opens investigation into Capital One data breach

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) has announced that it opened an investigation into the Capital One data breach that occurred on Monday.

The OPC opened the investigation due to complaints it received from customers regarding the issue.

The release stated that Capital One informed the OPC of the breach and that the company does not plan on contacting Canadian customers affected by telephone. Customers who receive a call or an email requesting credit card, account or social insurance number information, should not provide them with any personal details but should contact the number listed at the back of their card.

In addition, the OPC says this is an active investigation and will not be sharing any further details until it is completed.

On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested 33-year-old Paige Thompson for stealing the records of approximately 106 million Capital One customers. The breach potentially affected nearly six million customers in Canada.

Furthermore, Capital One stated that approximately 140,000 social security numbers and 80,000 linked bank account numbers were compromised.

Source: OPC