New Nintendo Switch model coming in mid-August with bigger battery

Aside from the bigger battery, there isn't anything different with the new Switch

Nintendo Switch

It looks like we could be getting a slightly improved Nintendo Switch next month, according to new specs posted on the Japanese gaming company’s website.

Both the Japanese and American versions of Nintendo’s website now list a new model number for the Switch: HAC-001(-01). Further, the American site notes this model will be available starting in ‘mid-August 2019.’

However, there isn’t much different with the new model over the current Switch console. HAC-001(-01) will sport the same price as the existing Switch, and offer the same specs. The only difference is the battery, which is now slightly bigger.

Nintendo’s website claims the battery life of the new Switch model ranges from 4.5 to nine hours, depending on the game. The American site notes that the battery will last about five and a half hours playing Breath of the Wild.

To compare, the current Switch model boasts a battery life of 2.6 to 6.5 hours and will last about three hours playing Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo’s website also lists the battery life of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, which ranges from three to seven hours and will last about four hours playing Breath of the Wild.

While I’m glad to see the Switch get a battery life bump, it’s disappointing that there wasn’t anything more. Recent rumours suggested we could see a Switch with an improved CPU and expanded flash storage, but it looks like that may not happen now. There have also been rumours of a ‘Switch Pro’ of some kind, but that may not happen either.

Source: Nintendo, (2) Via: Kotaku