Ford imagines a future where robots help humanity instead of taking it over

There's no word on when the company plans to start using these robots

The overly optimistic Ford motor company envisions a future where robots work alongside humans doing tasks like delivering packages.

Ford is working with Agility Robotics which was founded in 2015 as a spinoff of Oregon State University. The two companies have created a robot called Digit with the goal of delivering packages from autonomous vehicles to doorsteps.

The stylish little robot can carry boxes that weigh up to 18kg (40lbs). It can even walk up and down stairs and over uneven terrain. Digit also reacts when it’s bumped and maintains its balance.

The little robot can even fold itself into a smaller size like a Star Wars Battle Droid. As a result, it’s easy to store in the back of a delivery truck.

One of the more creative ideas that Agility Robotics implemented in Digit is the ability to connect with other robots like the self-driving car that drives it around. Since the car features even more sensors than the robot it’s capable of creating 3D maps that can then be shared with Digit.

Digit itself only features LiDAR and a few stereo cameras. These cameras allow the robot to see the world with depth like a human does, according to Ford.

Source: Ford