Learn how to paint landscapes, people, and more with this $39 bundle

There are countless ways to become an artist nowadays, ranging from ceramics to screen-printing. However, one of the most ancient forms of art is painting, and our species has perfected it for several millennia. What’s more, there are dozens of approaches to painting, including watercolors, oil paints, pastels, and more. But don’t let all of that information scare you. With this $39.05 CAD bundle, you’ll learn how to paint your own scenery in no time.

The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle by Colin Bradley Art features 6 detailed courses on how to paint several scenes with a variety of techniques. One easy course to start out with is How to Paint a Castle in Watercolor & Pastel, which breaks down the project into multiple easy-to-digest parts. You’ll learn how to paint the initial scene in watercolor and enhance it with pastel pencils after. Once you feel comfortable, you can paint other scenes in the bundle, such as a cottage, a skiing landscape, or even figures and people.

Painting like a pro takes years to master, but with the Complete Learn to Paint Bundle, you’ll receive the instruction necessary to create beautiful and vibrant scenery for just $39.05 CAD [$29 USD], or 75% off.

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The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle – $29

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