Nissan follows Tesla’s lead and drops LIDAR from autonomous cars

It looks like cameras, sonar and radar are the future of self-driving cars

Nissan ProPilot cluster dark

Nissan has stepped away from using LIDAR in its self-driving car technologies in favour of using a camera-based approach like Tesla.

The automaker stated that LIDAR — a laser-based radar system — is too expensive to use considering the minimal effect it has on driving, according to Teslarati.

This means that Nissan is instead using cutting edge camera, radar and sonar technology to pilot its autonomous cars.

Nissan has shared a little bit of information about its self-driving tech. It’s planning on using a three-camera system that looks at the front and the sides of a vehicle. It’s going to use this along with the other sensors to develop 3D maps, according to Teslarati.

While this isn’t a ton of info, it’s validating to see another manufacturer working on similar tech to Tesla since the American automaker plans to launch its fully self-driving technology by the middle of next year.

Source: Teslarati