Instagram starts featuring ‘Stories’ on its Explore page

Instagram app on iPhone

Instagram has updated its Explore page to show users photos, videos, products and Stories that are catered to their interests.

For the first time, Stories can now appear on the Explore tab. This new feature will give creators a new way to increase their reach beyond their account posts.

The Explore page will show users Stories from accounts that are similar to the ones they already follow.

The Stories will play automatically once a user goes on the Explore page. Once a user watches a story, they will continue to see similar stories. For instance, if a user click on a story about make-up, they will see similar stories regarding make-up.

Instagram has said videos and Stories that are highly visual will be more likely to be featured on the Explore page.

The navigation has also changed and now displays pinned shortcuts to IGTV and a Shop tab. There are also shortcuts to topics such as Travel, Food, Art, and Clothing.

Image credit: Instagram 

Source: Instagram Via: TechCrunch