Google adds ‘Focus Mode’ to Digital Wellbeing

Plus a few other controls for families with kids

Google is adding a ‘Focus Mode’ to Digital Wellbeing, its screen time management setting, that stops select apps from sending notifications when it’s turned on.

This means that if you added your email and Twitter apps to Focus Mode, you’ll no longer get notifications from those two apps when it’s enabled.

This could be really helpful for a lot of people who want to turn work notifications off but still want to see regular calls and texts come through.

This isn’t the only update that the company added to Digital Wellbeing. Google is bringing ‘Family Link‘ to all versions of Digital Wellbeing in Android Q. This means that parents will be able to set app limits, timers and more on their kids’ phones. A small update to this will let parents reward their kids with bonus time so they can use their phone longer on certain occasions.

Overall, Google is hoping that these new features will help people use their phones in a more controlled manner.

The company states in a blog post that app timers in Digital Wellbeing helped people stick to their goals 90 percent of the time and people who use ‘Wind Down’ had a 27 percent drop in their nightly phone usage.

Source: Google