Android Q’s ‘Suggested actions’ predicts your next move

Google’s ‘Smart Reply’ feature is set to become even more useful with ‘Suggested actions.’

With on-device machine learning, Android handsets can helpfully suggest what you’ll say next. Google now says that this is available on third-party messaging apps on Android.

Now, Google’s ‘Smart Reply’ incorporates ‘Suggested actions,’ which scans recent texts within a messaging app in an attempt to guess what the user will want to do next.

In Google’s example, one user sent the other an address, so ‘Suggested actions’ quickly offered the user the option to tap the Maps app. After tapping it, Google Maps opened to the address within the text.

Features like this are already available on Android devices. For example, when WhatsApp texts users a code to authenticate the app, ‘Smart Reply’ will immediately ask if the user wants to copy it.

‘Suggested actions’ will help users save time by predicting their next move.

This feature is coming alongside Android Q.