Nintendo’s often-rumoured cheaper Switch could launch this June

A slightly more powerful version of the console is coming later in 2019

Nintendo Switch

It looks like Nintendo’s often-rumoured cheaper Nintendo Switch could be set to launch this June, according to a recent report from Bloomberg that backs up earlier rumours.

Although it’s still unclear what exactly will be changed about the console to make it cheaper, it’s possible the home console-portable hybrid system could feature a smaller display and lack the ability to connect to a television.

Dropping a more affordable version of a console has become an expected strategy for Nintendo. For example, when 3DS sales began to lag, Nintendo released the 2DS, a version of the handheld system that features a modified design and a lack of 3D functionality.

Bloomberg goes on to state that Nintendo also still plans to release a “modest upgrade” to the Switch later this year. The system is reported to feature “enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers,” according to a The Wall Street Journal report from earlier this month.

Though this sounds similar to the strategy surrounding the ‘New 3DS’ Nintendo released back in September of 2015, Bloomberg’s report states that this upgraded version of the Switch won’t be “more powerful…” It’s unclear what exactly Nintendo plans to upgrade regarding this new version of the Switch. There’s a possibility the Japanese gaming giant could give the Switch a cheaper look or improve the console’s build quality in some way.

It’s likely that Nintendo will reveal more regarding its future Switch hardware plans at E3 this year in June.

Source: The Verge