Google Photos will start showing which pictures aren’t backed up again

Google also improved Photos' support for devices with folding screens

Google Photos may be bringing back an easy way to tell which pictures it hasn’t backed up yet.

Previously, the app showed an indicator at the top of each media item that it hadn’t backed up. That made it easy to see what wasn’t backed up and choose things to back up.

However, sometime over the last year, that indicator disappeared from the app. But it seems the Photos team is finally bringing it back.

According to an update to the Photos changelog on the Play Store, the app will get a new ‘gallery view’ that will “help you see which of your photos and videos have not yet been backed up and proactively choose items to back up.”

Despite posting a changelog, the feature doesn’t seem to be in the Photos app yet. The Photos team has added changelogs for unreleased features before, such as when it tweeted about a one-tap document cropping feature that still hasn’t appeared.

Google Photos changelog

Regardless, I welcome the return of an easy way to check if a file is backed up or not. Right now, you can open a photo, and Photos will show a cloud icon in the top left corner if it hasn’t been backed up yet. However, if there’s a bunch of photos you’re waiting on, individually checking everyone to see its status is tedious.

Along with the ‘gallery view,’ the changelog notes Google improved Photos to support foldable devices better.

You can grab the update from the Play Store here.

Source: Android Police