Future Cities Canada launches network to establish ‘excellence’ in open smart cities

Future Cities Canada, the national initiative to accelerate innovation and transform cities, has launched a new platform called Community Solutions Network to establish “excellence in open smart cities.”

The network will bring “knowledge, expertise, experience and guidance to municipal and community leaders to build internal capacity and navigate the open smart cities landscape through advisory services and event-based programs,” a press release said.

The program will be funded by the Smart Cities Community Support Program, which is part of Infrastructure Canada and partners of the network will include Evergreen, a not-for-profit that helps transform communities so they’re livable, and OpenNorth, also a not-for-profit that works to create open smart cities.

“The Community Solutions Network is based on a Canadian vision of city building that responds to the opportunities presented by open smart cities,” Martin Canning, executive director of smart cities at Evergreen, said in the release. “In an increasingly technologically advanced world, this unique approach to smart cities can be a global example in how communities develop innovative and creative solutions.”

The network will support communities of all sizes and will connect them to other communities across the country and with stakeholders. The release said that the network will engage with Smart Cities Challenge finalists as well as a wider group of communities in spring and summer this year.

The events-based programs will be available in late spring and take place across the country.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Source: Future Cities Canada