Starbucks changing Loyalty program so Canadian members earn more rewards

This updated Rewards Loyalty program will take effect on April 16th

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Starbucks is making it easier for new and existing Canadian members to earn more rewards as it revamps its Rewards Loyalty program.

The coffee company is allowing new members to earn ‘Stars’ — essentially loyalty points — right from the start, eliminating the buffer period once you join.

This works well with Starbuck’s mobile app, since users can immediately join its program and use the ecard right away. The company is also changing the amount of stars it takes to claim a reward and is adding new redeemable items.

Previously, all the rewards cost the same amount of ‘Stars,’ whether it was a coffee or an espresso shot. Now, there are different tiers of rewards, ranging from 25 to 400 Stars.

Here’s the new rewards structure:

  • 25 ‘Stars’ redeems an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute (such as soy milk) or additional flavour
  • 50 ‘Stars’ redeems a brewed hot coffee, hot tea or select baked goods
  • 150 ‘Stars ‘redeems a handcrafted drink (such as lattes), hot breakfast item or yogourt parfaits
  • 250 ‘Stars’ redeems a lunch sandwich, protein box or salad
  • 400 ‘Stars’ redeems select Starbucks merchandise or packaged coffee

Starbucks members earn two ‘Stars’ for every $1 spent.

With this new change, the coffee company says that you can claim a reward in as little as two to three visits, depending on your purchase.

This updated Starbucks Reward tier program will take effect on April 16th.

The Starbucks app is available for both iOS and Android, where you can keep track of your ‘Stars’ and rewards.

Source: Starbucks Coffee Canada