Learn Blockchain and stay up to date with crypto trends with this $39 bundle

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to trade cryptocurrency, making developers eager to develop the next big currency to rival the likes of Bitcoin. However, you’ll need to understand how Blockchain technology works in order to develop one, and this $38.90 CAD course has everything you need to become a certified Blockchain developer.

The Blockchain Masterclass Certification Bundle features two courses that’ll introduce you to Blockchain. The first course will teach you the basics such as Blockchain’s origin, objectives, and challenges, as well as how to create a Blockchain using Mining methodology. It also delves into Bitcoin wallets, which are used to trade Bitcoins. The second course covers advanced topics including Blockchain tools, how to create a private Blockchain network with Hyperledger composer playground, and other popular currencies such as Etherium.

There’s no better way to stay up to date with the latest cryptocurrency trends than by becoming Blockchain developer yourself, and the Blockchain Masterclass Certification Bundle has everything you need to learn how for $38.90 CAD [$29 USD], or 96% off.

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